Invitation from Organisers

Building on the success of the first 3 UWH Age Group Championships held in Dordrecht, Eger and Castellon we would like to make the Age Group Championship in Hobart 2017 the biggest, the most competitive, and the most spectacular yet. We invite all players from all the countries of the world to come to Hobart and compete, whether your country is a champion of Underwater Hockey, or inexperienced on the world stage. Hobart is a delightful city with a long history of competitive Underwater Hockey. We are sure you will all enjoy visiting, playing and mixing with other competitors.

Nick Martyn Executive Director, UWH Australia

Invitation from CMAS

On behalf of the CMAS Underwater Hockey Commission, I would like to invite you all to attend the 4th World Age Group Underwater Hockey Championship to be hosted in the great city of Hobart. Since 2002, junior age group teams have been attending the World Championships. With countries placing more emphasis on developing junior athletes, the Age Group Championship continues to grow in size. With this growth we expect that this event, the 4th Age Group Championship, to be the largest since separating the junior competitions into an independent event. In 2017, we will witness the 4th World Age Group Underwater Hockey Championship being hosted in Australia. This event will be 2 days longer in duration to allow all teams interested to attend the Championship. The organising team is well underway with preparations and we expect you will join us to experience a very memorable and happy time in the beautiful city of Hobart.

Tristan Reynard Tournament Director, CMAS UWH Commission