The Tournament

The Pool

The Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre has hosted the:

  • 2000 11th CMAS World UWH Games (16 countries)
  • 2003 Southern Hemisphere UWH Championships ( Aus, NZ and SA)
  • 2005 Australian National UWH Championships
  • 2010 Australian National UWH Championships
  • 2010 Trans-Tasman UWH Championships ( Aus, NZ)
  • 2013 Australian National UWH Championships
  • 2016 Trans-Tasman UWH Championships ( Aus , NZ)


  • The pool is 2 meters deep, with large smooth tiles that is considered fast and consistent.
  • The pool will be divided into two courts 25mx 15 M with in water subbing.
  • The warm up/cool down area will be in the adjacent dive pool 25meters x 5 lanes .
  • The water temperature is 27degrees C and the pool enclosed so inside temperature is warm.
  • The pool has spectator seating for 600 people and a gym and a café.
  • The pool is 10 minutes walk from the centre of Hobart and within walking distance of most of the accommodation.


The Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre, 1 Davies Ave, Queens Domain Hobart, Tasmania , Australia 7000





National Federation Teams are invited to participate at this World Championship if they are affiliated to CMAS. Each National team must comply with the Championship Rules, Safety Requirements set by the Organizers and all other CMAS Rules and Regulations, including the possession of valid CMAS sport licenses.


The event is organised under the following rules and guidelines:

  • CMAS Procedures and Obligations For The Organisation Of CMAS Championships World – Zone – Continental Version 2014/01 BD 185 2014
  • CMAS Anti-doping Rules Version 08/2004
  • CMAS Rules of Discipline Version 2010
  • CMAS International Rules for Underwater Hockey. Tenth Edition.

Tournament Divisions

Each national federation can enter a maximum of 4 teams, only one per division:


Player Selection and Replacement Teams

Teams are limited to 12 players and must be selected before the submission of the team list and player profiles on the 1st June 2017. Players may be replaced between the 1st June and tournament registration on medical grounds only. This provision is to limit the increased work load on volunteer organisers caused by swapping players. All players must possess a valid CMAS license

Playing Caps and Swimsuits

Design for caps and swimsuits must be submitted to the CMAS Tournament Director for approval before April 2017: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please use Cap and Swimsuit Approval Request in your email request subject line.

Coaches caps – Fluro Green with COACH printed on the cap is acceptable

New rule 11.2.1 All players of a team must wear swimsuits of the same design as to colour and pattern (1 or 2 piece suit and/or rash vest and/or shirt), which may have an imprint of their flag or country. Each team must have two sets of identical swimsuits, one light in colour (when the team is using white sticks) and one dark in colour (when the team is using black sticks), and both sets need approval prior to arrival at the competition.
Light Colours: White, Yellow, Light Blue, Light Grey, Light Orange.
Dark Colours: Black, Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Grey, Brown, Green, Red, Dark Orange
Cap Numbers: Limited to numbers between 1 and 15 inclusive.

To clarify this means a members of a team may wear a mix either 1 or 2 piece swimsuits during a game as long as they are of the same colour and pattern and have been approved by the Tournament Director. 

World Championship Puck

The British ‘Sims’ Puck is the selected puck for the championship


Organised training time

All teams will get training time on the 12th and 13th July. Cost included in the team fee.

Additional Training Time

Teams that wish to arrive earlier than the allocated orientation and training days are welcome to do so on the 10th and 11th July 2017. Charges to be paid by the teams are $AUD150/hour per court, available each day from 9am to 8pm, first in first served – email requests direct to the organisers (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Team Entry Forms and Fees

The Team Fee is currently $AUD3,750 (approx. €2,500)

We are hoping to decrease this dependent on pool and streaming sponsorship.

All fees are to be paid in AUD and not include transaction costs.

The team entry fee will cover the following costs:

  • Organising Committee's expenses
  • opening ceremony
  • pool for two training days and 9 competition days
  • accommodation, meals and transfers for referees
  • volunteers' assistance
  • underwater cameras and underwater sound system
  • poolside display of games
  • internet streaming of games
  • first aid, medical service presence
  • anti doping tests’ costs
  • security service
  • bottles and bottles filling for the judges
  • participation at the opening, closing ceremonies
  • final celebration event for 14 people per team.


Team Registration Form

The preliminary declaration of participating teams and their estimated numbers to be submitted online via website no later than 30th November 2016. - Here

Team Entry Form

Payments for Teams, additional party tickets and referee’s information to be submitted online via website by the 1st March. Note a late fee of $AUD750 per team applies if paid after 1st March 2017. Please allow organisers time to reconcile your payments. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the team manager.

Referee Levee

Each country is expected to bring one qualified referee per team entered. The fee for not bringing referees is $AUD1,500 for 1st referee, $AUD1000 for 2nd referee, $AUD500 for 3rd referee and the 4th is no charge.

CMAS Licenses and CMAS Division Registration

All teams must register for the CMAS championship via the online CMAS administration system. Your Underwater Federation has the login codes and passwords. Cost is 115 € per division ie U19 or U23.

All athletes are required to have their valid CMAS licences in order to be able to enter into the competition area. Sports Licences requests must be applied for via the online CMAS administration system also. Cost is 8€ per participant.

Team List and Player Profiles

Listing of players, player photos and profiles, referees, coaches, managers, and acknowledgement of antidoping form submitted online no later than 1st June 2017.

Anti-doping Form

One original form per player, signed by player, and if U18 their parent/guardian, must be submitted to the Organizing Committee at the player registration on the 12th/13th July at the competition. Form can be downloaded here.


Player Playing Above Age Group Form

One original form per player, signed by the player and a registered medical practitioner, and if player u18 their parent/guardian, must be submitted to the Organising Committee at the player registration on the 12th/13th July at the competition.Form can be downloaded here.


Country Flags & National Anthem

Each country needs to bring 2 flags and a digital copy of their national anthem to be used for ceremonies and awards.




Tournament Officials

International Chief Judge: Tristan Reynard New Zealand
Tournament Referee: Angus Sinclair Australia
Assistant Tournament RefereeTwo to be appointed once referee’s attendance confirmed
Grading of Referees: This will be undertaken by no less than 7 Senior International Referees from separate federations by peer review. The Tournament Referee will not assess referees.
Allocation of Referees: This function will be undertaken by the Tournament Referee with advice from the assistant tournament referees and referee coach/assessors.


All Referees must pass the referee in water beep test to be considered for assessment at the start of the tournament in Hobart.

Referee Accommodation and Transfers

Accommodation, meals and transfers for the referees during the championship will be supplied by the organisers in the hotel and the restaurants chosen by the organisation.
Referee coaches/assessors and Tournament Referees must be in Hobart on 10th July 2017.
All Referees need to arrive on 11th July and leave on the 23rdJuly. If the referees chose to stay with their teams their costs are covered by their own federation. 

Live Streaming of Games & Facebook

All games will be streamed live free on the internet. This will be included in the tournament fee but donations will be sought. Facebook will be utilised for information, photos and results: